Who knew a thief had honor?
Who knew an evil queen had a soft spot for children?

aurore, steffi and syd asked; outlaw queen or swanfire or cophine or outlaw queen ?


make me choose: scrunchy Regina or derpy Emma

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i feel like ‘restaurant’ shouldnt be spelled like that

les anglophones volent des mots à d’autres langues puis chialent parce qu’ils ne sont pas orthographiés comme ils le voudraient



I keep thinking oh man, I’m so immature. How am I allowed to be an adult.

Then I spend time with teenagers.

And it’s like, wow, okay, yeah. I am an adult. I am so adult. Look at me adulting all over the place.



In which Kahlan Amnell doesn’t have time to play nice with you.

I think that this is such an interesting aspect of Kahlan’s character.

Because Kahlan was always good; she was always on Richard’s side; she always wanted the best for innocent people. She always tried to talk her way out of a situation if she could - her powers made that the logical way to approach things. She was protective of children because of the abuse she went through when she was young and she always had time to help people who were in need.

But if you posed a threat to the people she loved - if you hurt Richard or Zedd or even Cara later on - she was willing to end you, right then and there. If you pushed her past her limit, she would not hesitate to confess you on the spot. Kahlan doesn’t care who you are or what you think you’re doing, if you are standing between her an her goal, she will destroy you.

But she’s always shown in a positive light. She’s Richard’s love interest, and Zedd’s friend, and Cara’s moral compass.

Kahlan Amnell wears dresses into battle and talks to Night Wisps to keep them happy and cares for lost children until their families can be found. But she isn’t weak. She has strong morals and believes all people should be treated fairly, but she knows the cost of war. And she isn’t afraid to fight and kill and win.

Kahlan was always portrayed as the more feminine of the two main female characters, while Cara was portrayed as the sexy, ruthless, rugged fighter. And both were complex and interesting characters. But where Cara believed in slowly and painfully torturing her enemies to get what she wanted, Kahlan believed in a quick death or confession to either remove someone from the equation or get the information she needed.

Cara believed in pain where pain was due. Kahlan believed in results.

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fourforyou asked: She compared The Spice Girls to The Big Bang Theory. What... I can't... I can't do this.

What the hell is this bullcrap? Her hipster mentality has seriously got her twisted in the head. It’s embarrassing to watch.

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