How I think the finale should go

Regina: *is busy containing the magic of the trigger, Emma walks in* What are you doing here? You're supposed to be getting away on Hook's pirate ship.
Emma: Henry was asking for you. I came to bring you back.
Regina: *looks touched for a moment* You shouldn't have come. I can't contain it for much longer.
Emma: I can help you. I have magic too.
Regina: You don't know how to control it yet. It'll kill you. You have to leave. I promised to save you all, and I can't do that unless you're gone from Storybrooke by the time it goes off. I was ready to die on that electrocution table. If the reason I die is to save Henry, so be it.
Emma: No. You can't save everyone unless you let me help. You don't have your strength back yet, Regina. Henry already lost one parent, I won't let him lose another. I can't just leave you behind. You don't abandon family.
Regina: If you don't go, he'll lose both of us.
Emma: I won't let that happen.
Regina: Emma, please. Tell Henry I love him?
Emma: *puts hands over Regina's* Tell me how I can help.
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